Encourage Social Distancing and Support Local Charities

The proceeds of purchases of Together We Stand Apart bracelets go towards non-profit organizations that are giving so much more in this worldwide time of need. We have selected the charities below on both a local and national scale to focus on, but will expand this list as time goes on.

Initial sale proceeds will go toward local chapters of each of organizations below. As TWSA grows, we will begin contributing to the national or other local chapters around the country.

The Harry Chapin Food Bank of Southwest Florida

Serving over 28,000 people per week (under normal circumstances), the Harry Chapin Food Bank has a proven record of turning $1 of donations into $8 worth of food. That, in turn means that every bracelet sold translates into more than than $10 in meals for families in need.

In 17 days, from April 1st through April 17th, the Harry Chapin Food Bank provided almost 1.2 million pounds of food to local communities.

The United Way

With a mission of advancing the common good in communities around the world, the United Way is critical for many families right now. They have ongoing food and educational programs for youth and families across the world.

Worldwide Home:

Local Organization:

The Boys & Girls Clubs

Enabling all young people to reach their full potential as productive, caring and responsible citizens is a noble goal all the time. During this time of need, we need future leaders to be empowered and stronger than ever. At Pressure Games, we've been proud to work with our local Boys & Girls Club and have met some amazing kids while learning cooperation and leadership skills.

During the coronavirus pandemic, the Boys and Girls Clubs are providing health checkins, activities and food assistance to their communities.

National Home:

Local Organization:


Want To Donate Without Purchasing a Bracelet?

That's great! Our goal is to get much needed money into some amazing charities hands. There's a huge amount of health organizations, charities, food banks and plenty of other support groups you can give directly to.

In addition to the list above, if you're not sure where to start, The New York Times has put together a really great list of national and international places to give to. You can also look closer to home by looking up homeless shelters, food banks or other service groups in your area that are likely in need.